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Group 1: 1-50

This is where it all starts. You can click on Cat #1, Frankie, and begin the tour or you can choose from among each group of twenty-five cats, above, if you decide to start farther along the project.

Hint: On any page select "Previous Cat" instead of "Next Cat" and you'll subtract cats rather than add them. It's actually my favorite way to view the images.

Frankie the cat
1. Frankie

Frankie , again
2. Frankie

3. Poozy

Frankie redux
4. Frankie

5. Abby

6. Zoot

Fritz the cat
7. Fritz

Copper, a cat
8. Copper

Hawkeye the kitty
9. Hawkeye

The perfect Snowball
10. Snowball

Numerical 99
11. "99"

12. Duma

13. Tasha

14. Datsa

15. Eunheui

16. Plien

Brit the cat
17. Brit

Peaker, a cay
18. Peaker

Skinny White Boy
19. Skinny White Boy

Farrusko, the cat
20. Farrusko

Tiget pounces
21. Tiger

Jackie muses
22. Jackie

Wookie stares
23. Wookie

KC the cat
24. KC

Pixel image
25. Pixel

26. Cat1

27. Clyde

28. Ugly

29. Fumphy

30. Brad Kitt, Cat Stevens

31. Spot

32. Sammy

33. Frida

34. Luna

35. Bebe

36. Chloe

37. Torin

38. Molly

39. Annie

40. Wrigley

41. Cinnamon

42. Jack

43. Starbuck

44. Kazoo

45. Dante

46. Percy

47. Nora

48. Foma & Frosya

49. Fred

50. Pearl
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The Infinite Cat Project

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