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Group 34: 1651-1700

Archie the cat
1651. Archie

Coconut the cat
1652. Coconut

Basil the cat
1653. Basil

Oscar the cat
1654. Oscar

Colin the cat
1655. Colin

Dave the cat
1656. Dave

Chester the cat
1657. Chester

diva the cat
1658. Maggie

Diva the cat
1659. Diva

Phantom the cat
1660. Phantom

CC the cat
1661. CC

Cassie the cat
1662. Cassie

Fukutu the cat
1663. Fukutu

Dennis the cat
1664. Dennis

Megan the cat
1665. Megan

Missy the cat
1666. Missy

Missy the cat
1667. Holly

Spark the cat
1668. Spark

Kima the cat
1669. Kima

Norris the cat
1670. Norris

Indy the cat
1671. Indy

Max the cat
1672. Max

Beppie the cat
1673. Beppie

Zucca the cat
1674. Zucca

Zucca the cat
1675. Scampi Doodle

Omar the cat
1676. Omar

Mcnulty & Bunk the cat
1677. McNulty & Bunk

Zooey the cat
1678. Zooey

Lloyd the cat
1679. Lloyd

Glorija the cat
1680. Glorija

Lily the cat
1681. Lily

Bella & Fabian the kittens
1682. Bella & Fabian

Bella & Fabian the kittens
1683. The Count

Bella & Fabian the kittens
1684. Gal

Bella & Fabian the kittens
1685. Ulises

Shorty the cat
1686. Shorty

Tallulah the cat
1687. Tallulah

Bazel the cat
1688. Bazel

Fatima the cat
1689. Fatima

Tac the cat
1690. Tac

Baster the cat
1691. Baster

Mushi the cat
1692. Mushi

Dash the cat
1693. Dash

Tilly the cat
1694. Tilly

Floof the cat
1694. Floof

Witchkin & Lucina the cat
1696. Witchkin & Lucina

Harry the cat
1697. Harry

Skizzo the cat
1698. Skizzo

Baloo the cat
1699. Baloo

Rosie the cat
1700. Rosie
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